New Verbal Aptitude Sample Question for CAT 2016

Hello CAT 2016 Aspirants.
Those who are interested in participating in the upcoming Common Admission Test (CAT) 2016 examination for the MBA (Master in Business Administration) admission across India are requested to take a note on the following sample questions. The following questions are the sample Verbal Aptitude Questions for the CAT 2016. Make the most of it.

Directions (Qs. 1 to 6): Choose the best answer among the listed alternatives.
1. One major obligation of the social psychologist is to provide his own discipline, the other social sciences, and interested laymen with conceptual tools that will increase the range and the reliability of their understanding of social phenomena. Beyond that, responsible government officials are today turning more frequently to the social scientist for insights into the nature and solution of the problems with which they are confronted.
The above argument assumes that
A. Social psychologists must have a strong background in other sciences as well as their own.  
B. The social scientist has an obligation to provide the means by which social phenomena may be understood by others.
C. Social phenomena are little understood by those outside the field of social psychology.
D. A good social psychologist is obligated principally by the need to solve inter-disciplinary problems.
(a) B                         (b) C                   (c) A                         (d) D

2.  Once a company has established an extensive sales network in a foreign market and therefore has achieved substantial sales, it seems that these markets should be treated in a very similar fashion to those in one's own country. It is therefore in those countries where only initial sales and representation have been developed where marketing methods will have to differ from domestic activities.
The above statement assumes that:
A. Sales network can be the same in both foreign and domestic markets.
B. Extensive sales networks are preferable to less developed ones.
C. Larger markets abroad are more adaptable to domestic marketing methods.
D. A study of marketing should consider the adaptability of advertising campaigns in different countries.
(a) A                       (b) B                      (c) C                      (d) D

3.  Equality of opportunity has long been prominent as a goal in many countries. In Europe and America there has also been advocacy of more equality of income - the results after taxes of what a person gets for his efforts and the yield of his property. Many western politicians believe this concept of equality should be implemented in developing countries in order to speed economic development.
Which of the following, if true, could weaken the argument above?
A. In a poor society, total income is so low that if it were distributed equally, no one could save enough to provide resources for investment.
B. The marginal dollars in the hands of people with large incomes provide less utility than those with lower income.
C. High achievement in many societies is due to equality of incomes.
D. Equality of opportunity is not necessarily synonymous with equality of income.
(a) D              (b) B                  (c) A                         (d) C

4.   In 1985 there were 20 deaths from automobile accidents per 1,000 miles traveled. A total of 20,000 miles were traveled via automobiles in 1985. In the same year, 800 people died in airplane crashes and 400 people were killed in train disasters. A statistician concluded that it was more dangerous to travel by plane, train, and automobile, in that order.
Which of the following refutes the Statistician's conclusions?
A. There is no common denominator by which to compare the number of deaths resulting from each mode of travel.
B. One year is insufficient to reach such a conclusion.
C. More people travel by car than any other mode of transport, therefore, the probability of a car accident is greater. D. The probability of being killed in a train disaster and as a result of a car crash is the same.
(a) A                (b) B                  (c) C                           (d) D

5.  Product shipments of household appliances are expected to rise to $17 billion next year, an average annual increase of 8.0 percent over the past five years. The real growth rate, after allowing for probable price increases, is expected to be about 4.3 percent each year, resulting in shipments this year of $ 14 billion in 1987 dollars.
Each of the following, if true, could help to account for this trend EXCEPT:
A. Increased consumer spending for durable products
B. Consumer disposable income has increased.
C. The consumer price of electricity has decreased.
D. Individual tax advantages have decreased.
(a) C               (b) A                  (c) D                         (d) B

6.   Each year's increase or decrease in the trade deficit (merchandise imports greater than exports) is calculated in relation to the previous year's. In 1976, imports of private vehicles were 10 percent higher than in 1975, while imports of vehicles including commercial vans was 15 percent higher than in 1975. That 15 percent increase was one and half times the increase recorded in 1975.
If the formation above is accurate, which of the following must be true?
A. In 1976, the increase, if any of commercial vehicle imports was smaller than the increase in imports of private vehicles.
B. In 1976, the increase, if any, of commercial vehicle imports was greater than the increase in imports of private vehicles.
C. In 1975, more commercial vehicles were imported than private vehicles.
D. The average number of private vehicles imported, in 1975 declined.
(a) A             (b) C                   (c) B                       (d) D

Directions (Qs. 7 to 10): Choose the correct alternative.
7. Somebody told you, ___________?
(a) Isn't it             (b) Wasn't it             (c) Didn't he                    (d) Didn't they

8. ___________fast.
(a) News travels           (b) News travel                (c) A news travels            (d) The news travel

9. She __________in the morning because she gets up late.
(a) always has to hurry          (b) has always to hurry              (c) has to always hurry           (d) has to hurry always

10. There is _____________.
(a) hair in the soup          (b) hair in soup            (c) a hair in soup               (d) a hair in the soup

Thanks for your effort to solve the Sample CAT 2016 Verbal Aptitude Questions. If you are still in search for the right answers, see below:


2) D 
3) A 
4) A 
5) D 
6) B 
7) C 
8) A 
10) A

CAT & XAT 2016 Data Sufficiency & QA Sample Questions

Practicing any of the previous year question papers will certainly give you some overview idea of how to clear the same at its best. Getting admission with IIM will be the major ambition for most of the MBA Aspirants. You can certainly achieve the same dream with the help of XAT and CAT Examinations for sure. Hope you know, this year CAT 2016 Examination notification will be unveiled by mid of June 2016. We help you to prepare accordingly for the upcoming CAT & XAT 2016 Exams by providing the sample questions to sharpen your brain. Make the most of it.

Data Sufficiency & QA Sample Questions for CAT & XAT 2016
1. A man has 9 friends: 4 boys and 5 girls. In how many ways can he invite them, if there have to be exactly 3 girls that should be invited?
a. 320          b. 160            c. 80             d. 200

2. In a watch, the minute hand crosses the hour hand for the third time exactly after every 3 hr 18 min and 15 s of watch time. What is the time gained or lost by this watch in one day?
a. 14 min 10 s lost             b. 13 min 50 s lost            c. 13 min 20 s gained            d. 14 min 40 s gained

3. I sold two watches for Rs. 300 each, one at the loss of 10% and the other at the profit of 10%. What is the percentage of loss(-) or profit(+) that resulted from the transaction?
a. (+)10           b. (-)1            c. (+)1               d. (-)10

Direction for Questions 4 to 10: Each question is followed by two statements, I and II. Mark the answer as
a. if the question cannot be answered even with the help of both the statements taken together.
b. if the question can be  answered by any one of the two statements.
c. if each statement alone is sufficient to answer the question, but not the other one (e.g. statement I alone is required to answer the question, but not statement II and vice versa).
d. if both statements I and II together are needed to answer the question.

4. What is the ratio of the two liquids A and B in the mixture finally, if these two liquids kept in three vessels are mixed together? (The containers are of equal volume.)
I. The ratio of liquid A to liquid B in the first and second vessel is 3 : 5, 2 : 3 respectively.
II. The ratio of liquid A to liquid B in vessel 3 is 4 : 3.

5. What is the cost price of the article?
I. After selling the article, a loss of 25% on cost price is incurred.
II. The selling price is three-fourths of the cost price.

6. What is the selling price of the article?
I. The profit on sales is 20%.
II. The profit on each unit is 25% and the cost price is Rs. 250.

7. How many different triangles can be formed?
I. There are 16 coplanar, straight lines.
II. No two lines are parallel.

8. What is the total worth of Lakhiram's assets?
I. A compound interest at 10% on his assets, followed by a tax of 4% on the interest, fetches him Rs. 1,500 this year.
II. The interest is compounded once every four months.

9. How old is Sachin in 1997?
I. Sachin is 11 years younger than Anil whose age will be a prime number in 1998.
II. Anil's age was a prime number in 1996.

10. What is the number of type-2 widgets produced, if the total number of widgets produced is 20,000?
I. If the production of type-1 widgets increases by 10% and that of type-2 decreases by 6%, the total production remains the same.
II. The ratio in which type-1 and type-2 widgets are produced is 2 : 1

We hope you tried your best to get the right results. Thanks for your try. If you still unable to get the correct answers for the above given previous years and sample QA & Data Sufficiency Questions for the CAT & XAT exams, refer the given below answers.

CAT 2016 Sample Question Answers for Data Sufficiency & QA Topics:
1(b)    2(b)     3(b)    4(a)     5(a)     6(c)   7(a)    8(d)     9(a)    10(b)  

To know about MGU CAT 2016 admissions visit this page:

MGU CAT 2016 Exam & Admissions Official Dates

Mahatma Gandhi University (MGU) situated in Kottayamhas officially released their Common Admission Test (CAT) 2016 entrance examination dates. According to the official release, the upcoming MGU CAT 2016 Examination is scheduled to conduct on May 21st and 22nd May indeed. The MGU CAT 2016 entrance examination is scheduled to conduct for the following courses admissions such as,
Master of Arts (M.A)
Integrated Ph.D (M.Sc + Ph.D)
Master in Law (LL.M) and
Master of Tourism Management (MTM)

Educational Qualifications:
In order to apply online for the MGU CAT 2016 Entrance Examination, the candidates has to possessed with the following educational background, which is simply unique for each category and as follows.
For M.A Programmes:
The candidates should have a Bachelor's degree in the faculty of Social Sciences from a recognized university or institute.
MTM Programme:
The candidates should have Bachelor's degree in the relevant degree from a recognized university or institute.
LL.M Programme:
The candidates should have a degree in Law from a recognized university or institute.

Applications Fees:
The application fees for the MGU CAT 2016 examination is applicable as follows,
Rs.500 for General & OBC Candidates
Rs.250 for SC & ST Candidates

Important Dates:
The candidates has to be follow the following important dates to attend the MGU CAT 2016 examination.
The last date for the submission of MGU CAT 2016 Online application ends by: 6th May 2016.
Hall Tickets download will be commenced from: 13th May 2016.
MGU CAT 2016 Examination Scheduled on: 21st May 2016 and 22nd May 2016.
The declaration of the MGU CAT Exam 2016 is expected on: 2nd June 2016.

How to Apply for MGU CAT 2016?
The candidates who are willing to apply for the MGU CAT 2016 Examination is asked to visit the official website.

To learn strategy about CAT exam please visit our previous post at:                                                 

IIM Kozhikode Final Placements 2012

FINAL PLACEMENTS 2012: A Test of resilience
Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode completed the final placements for the 2010- 12 batch. 135 companies participated in the process and made offers to a batch of 317 students across Finance, Marketing, Operations, Consulting, General Management, IT and HR sectors. Amidst recessionary pressures, IIM Kozhikode strived to carve out a niche for itself as India’s leading B-School by placing its 14th batch in reputed companies like Deutsche Bank, Nomura, Goldman Sachs, ICICI, Deloitte Consulting, HUL, ITC, Cognizant, Arvin Meritor, Ingersoll Rand and many more.
A number of new companies hired from IIMK resulting in an increased number of first time recruiters. These include companies such as Amazon, Zynga, Maruti Suzuki, Flipkart, Texas Instruments, Dell, Reserve Bank of India and UB Group. Many companies offered senior managerial roles to students with relevant work-experience.
The average salary per student witnessed a rise of 7% over last year’s figures.
IIM Kozhikode successfully completed placements despite concerns of global slowdown and an increased batch size  
The PPO Advantage:
The silver lining of this year’s placement was the significant increase in the number of PPOs offered to students. From 18 PPOs last year, the number increased to 51 PPOs offered to students across verticals. Industry stalwarts like Colgate Palmolive, P&G, HUL, ITC, Deutche Bank, Mahindra & Mahindra, Airtel, JP Morgan Chase, Citi Bank, Standard Chartered and Reliance Industries preferred the PPO route.
Vertical Wise Offers
In spite of the fact that Finance sector suffered the most due to recession, IIMK was able to add new companies to their portfolio. Along with the regular recruiters Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Nomura, Citi Bank, HSBC-GR many multinational financial institutions such as Societe Generale also started recruiting from IIMK this year. Investment banks offered the highest salaries to the finance whiz kids of the institute.
The Indian banks were equally aggressive; hiring the best talent from IIMK for several financial institutions like RBI, ICICI Bank, Yes Bank, Indus Valley Partners, SBI Caps, SBI General Life Insurance, Futures First, ICRA etc.
The roles offered ranged across Corporate Finance, Treasury, Risk Management and Investment Banking.
IIMK once again established itself as the favorite destination for both FMCG and B2B marketing firms. While HUL, ITC, Pepsi and HCCB led the FMCG offers; 3M, Asian Paints, Airtel, Idea led the B2B and service marketing verticals. Indian marketing giant Amul visited the campus for the first time offering marketing roles to a few students.
In the broader marketing domain, firms like Pfizer, Videocon, Arvin Meritor, GSK Pharma, Dell, FEI Cargo, participated in the placements process. Ingersoll Rand recruited from IIM-K for the first time and offered roles to 4 students. 
General Management & Consulting
TAS recruited for the first time and gave offers to 6 students, the highest across any IIM. Besides TAS, Reliance Industries Ltd., Reliance ADAG, L&T, Mahindra & Mahindra, Olam International, Thomas Cook and Manipal Group offered roles in General Management.
On the consulting side, McKinsey, Gallup Consulting, PWC, Deloitte, KPMG, Cognizant Business Consulting, Wipro Consulting Services, HSBC Consulting participated in the placements process.
IT companies recruited in numbers with Capgemini, HCL, HP, TCS, Wipro, Mindtree and Aricent leading the pack. Along with IT services firm, product companies such as Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft etc showed interest in IIMK students.
This year e-commerce came up as a significant vertical showing the growth of online retail in India. Amazon, eBay, Flipkart,, Zynga were some of the leading e-commerce giants that recruited from IIM Kozhikode for the first time bringing in a new hope and optimism in an otherwise slow economy.
The operations vertical also witnessed a few big names in the industry recruiting from IIMK. P&G, Airtel, Asian Paints, Tata Motors and Amazon are few of the names that offered roles in Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Logistics and Service delivery.
Strategy and alliances
An increased number of senior profiles were offered by the medium capital companies and SMEs. Roles of Chief Strategy Officer, Executive Assistant to the CEO and other similar leadership level roles were offered by companies which wanted IIM Kozhikode students to drive their organization towards higher levels of growth.
Corporate speak:
"The professional manner in which the recruitment process was conducted is highly commendable. It was well planned and coordinated. There were no delays and waiting. The placement team was very cooperative and understanding. We had a good time at the campus" - Madura F&L
Public Sector:
PSUs made their presence felt on campus through the regulator RBI and financial behemoth UTI. Oil and power sector PSUs also visited campus recruiting some of the best talent from IIMK. ONGC, PFC, Power Grid, Bank of India were the other preferred companies for students who wanted to start their career in the government sector.
Entrepreneurship: In pursuit of dreams
There were many students who decided to join start-ups like Sports Cradle, Global Environment Concern, Neudesic and Heckyl to venture into the unexplored territories and test their entrepreneurial abilities. Students from IIMK were willing to experiment with going for better roles than bigger brands.
Corporate speak
“Our experience with IIM Kozhikode was excellent with the quality of candidates and the process. We were delighted to see absence of any pressure to take a decision on a student under time constraints. Not only could I talk to a candidate but also let other leadership team members talk to the candidates at ease. In the end, I am very confident of the decisions taken, even though we were hiring MBAs from campus for the first time. We will certainly increase our numbers next year.” - Idea Cellular
The Alumni Network
The Alumni of the institute played an integral role in this year’s placements by ensuring participation of some of the best companies in the industry in the placement process. Several alumnus having senior roles in companies personally accompanied their companies to IIM Kozhikode to assist in the on-campus recruitment process.
SME Advantage:
IIMK also tapped the growing SMEs which are looking at expanding their business into new markets. Firms like AVT Consumer products, Arbitron and Suntec recruited students for their marketing and corporate strategy verticals. International offers were given by a few firms in the marketing and operations verticals. IIM Kozhikode had several first time recruiters. Global Environment Concern (GEC), Innovation Labs-Customer 24*7, Xchanging, V2 Solutions Pvt. Ltd., String Infotech, Arbitron etc participated in the placement process.
Corporate Speak
“We were extremely satisfied with the efficiency with which the process was conducted and the quality of the students.” TATA Motors

IIMK Coordinate CAT 2012

IIM Kozhikode (IIMK) to Coordinate CAT 2012

On behalf of Indian Institutes of Management, CAT 2012 will be coordinated by Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode. CAT 2012 will be conducted from October 11, 2012 to November 6, 2012. The test comprises two sections that are separately timed. Each of the sections will be 1 hour and 10 minutes (i.e. 70 minutes). There will be 30 questions in each section. The sections are (a) Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation (b) Verbal Ability & Logical Reasoning. Once a section ends, aspirants can no longer go back to it. Aspirants will be presented with the section on Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation first, followed by Verbal Ability & Logical Reasoning. Some important dates are given in the following Table.

Voucher Sale 30 July - 17 September 2012
Registration Window 30 July - 19 September 2012
Test Dates 11 October - 6 November 2012
Results 9 January 2013

2IIM's CAT Personal Interview (PI) Classes at Chennai

Personal Interview Training by IIM Graduates
100% of our students who got GDPI calls from the IIMs in 2004, 2005 and 2009 converted their calls into final admissions. 80% of our students converted their IIM GDPI calls in 2006 to 2008.Cracking the CAT or the written tests of some of the best B Schools in the country is a feat in itself. However, that is just one of the most difficult stages that you have crossed in your race to securing a seat in the IIMs. The next two stages are equally important. Having cracked the written test, you should leave no stone unturned to convert the PI calls into one or more IIM admissions.