CAT Aptitude Syllabus

Numerical Ability:
1. The Number Theory:
The chapter in number theory tests applicants’ knowledge in various topics like, LCM, HCF, Factors, Divisibility, remainder theorem, factorials, different bases to which numbers can be expressed. Further, complex numbers, fractions, integers etc are also important chapters in this section.
2. Linear and Quadratic Equations:
In this chapter, one must include in one’s study, topics like linear equations, and first degree equations in one or more variables. One must know how to solve a system of linear equations, problems based on inequality and also practice word problems that facilitate the use of linear equations.
Other questions that generally appear are regarding Quadratic equations, second order equations in a single variable, finding roots to the quadratic equations, evaluating nature of roots i.e., real roots, imaginary roots, equal roots.
3. Permutation, Combination & Probability:
There will be no CAT aptitude paper without questions on permutation, combination, word-rearrangement, questions based on cards and drawing cards from a pack of cards, outcomes of tossing a fair coin, rolling of a fair die and seating arrangement.

4. Pipes, Cisterns:
Extremely popular are questions on pipes and time taken to fill or drain a tank by pipes.
5. Work and Time:

There will be at least one question on work done when more than one person works on a task. Relations of work and time always find place in the CAT paper. For example, a popular question - A and B can do a work in a certain number of days, A quits halfway, then in how many days can B do the same work?
6. Geometry:
Questions on lines, line segments, angles made by intersecting lines, different types of polygons, triangles, quadrilaterals, circles, and tangents will mostly be present in the paper.

6. Coordinate Geometry:
Questions in this section could be slightly tricky and problematic. These include finding the slope of a line, forming equation of a line, points of intersection of lines – parallel and perpendicular, equation of a circle while the coordinates of its centre and radius are given, etc.
7. Progressions:
In this unit, Arithmetic, Geometric and Harmonic Progressions are important. Sequences & Series, arithmetic and geometric mean are also important here.
8. Percents & Averages:
Percentages and averages are favorite questions of most candidates because they are simple and easy to solve. However, at CAT level difficulty, the questions could get be tricky or lengthy.

9. Ratios and Proportion, Profit and Loss: These topics are favorites too, because of their simplicity. However, one can expect twisted questions that also include discounts and double profits/losses.
10. Time-Speed-Distance: A confusing topic in which the candidates are liable to make accidental mistakes. Correlating time, distance and speed, especially in automobiles, trains and flight problems are common.
11. Mixtures, clocks, Binomial Theorem & Calculus:
These topics do not always appear in the exam, but candidates must be equipped to face any kind of difficulty in solving these types.
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