CAT Exam Books and Materials

CAT or the common admission test, is an objective test designed and developed to ascertain the aptitude of the candidates to undergo post graduate program in management. Thus preparation for CAT is obviously different from preparing for other competitive exams. Careful planning and intelligent reading is the only thing that can help. Selection of course material and books should also be intelligent for the same reason.

Books for CAT are available in the all leading book-stores. The student can choose from Arun Sharma for quantitative aptitude, Sijwali for logical reasoning, and other CAT exam books published by Arihant publishers, Tata McGraw Hill, S. Chand publishers and others. Also, the books published and provided by CAT exam coaching centers for its students, like the T.I.M.E or the IMS are very good and useful. For basic mathematics, the student could also start with ninth standard and tenth standard CBSE (central board of secondary education) mathematics textbooks. As for English, there is no particular cat exam book that the cat exam centers can provide. Large extensive reading of newspapers, magazines and exposing oneself to various topics would be the sole thing that can help.

Free downloads of cat exam books can be done from various websites across the internet. A popular website with the URL provides some useful preparation materials and e-books for quantitative aptitude, data interpretation and logical reasoning type of questions. These are in the PDF file format and therefore, they can be easily downloaded, stored and studied. Students of coaching institutes like the IMS have access to student portals which enable them to download CAT exam books for free. The student can also buy magazines published exclusively for MBA and other business studies aspirants, like the advance edge magazine. It is published monthly and costs Rs.75/-. These magazines not only provide tips and strategies to ace the entrance exams, but also contain valuable information and details about colleges in India or abroad.

Cat exam centers are going to be fully computerized, so better equip yourself with some computer basics because the test assumes that the candidate has basic familiarity with the use of computers like use of keyboard and mouse operation. It is the responsibility of the candidate to acquire these skills before appearing for the test. The coaching centers have long time courses as well as crash courses. If the student is already thorough with his concepts and would only like to take up simulated tests for practice, then he can enroll in test-series which has become very popular. However, classroom courses for CAT exam preparation has become the most sought after, since doubt clearing and learning becomes a much simpler affair. The timings and schedules provided by these institutes are flexible and can be easily adhered to by working professionals as well. So make use of the books available, download free materials available on the internet make a wise schedule for preparation and crack the CAT.
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