How to Score 100 Percentile on the CAT Examination

The CAT examination is a mandatory requirement for admission into the IIMs all over India. The IIMs are the best management colleges in the country, so the entrance exam is the most difficult. However, those determined to cross all obstacles surely will and that is proved by many applicants who have scored a 100 percentile on the test. Here are some of their tips and strategies that they have shared for the benefit of others.

CAT Preparation Strategy:
The first step in preparing for the exam is to learn all the basics properly. Learning the concepts clearly will help one greatly while answering questions and solving problems in the exam. It is a common misconception that the CAT exam is tricky and extremely difficult. It is in fact, simple if one is strong with the concepts. Early preparation and good time management while preparation will help one score higher. For those who do not have the time to prepare on their own or prefer taking classes, there are many coaching centers that provide top-notch CAT training. Taking sample examinations and mock tests also help.

The Online CAT
There were many speculations regarding the online CAT exam that was conducted in 2009. However, the 2010 CAT did not face any problems and it was much more hassle-free than the previous year’s. The online CAT examination doesn’t seem to be any different from the pen-and-paper format. When one is well prepared and confident, one will do well irrespective of the question paper’s medium. But, before writing the actual test, one should familiarize oneself with the online pattern for improving confidence and saving time on the day of the actual test.

Tips for the CAT Aspiring Students:
Preparing well before time:  Students are advised to start preparation well before time so they do not tend to rush up studying in the last minute. A couple of days before the exam should be devoted to relaxation and revision. Mock tests should be taken, but not in the last minute. Seeing poor scores on these tests could deflate the students’ confidence levels and increase their anxiety. During the preparation, students must be focused, take short breaks frequently, so they don’t get stressed. Good activities for relaxation include listening to music and taking short and brisk walks. They must eat light and healthy on the day before the exam to avoid any health problems on the test day and even sleep well so they feel fresh and bright on the next day.

Avoid Last Minute Panic: The exam is not complicated, so keeping a cool head while preparing will ensure a good score. Steering clear of stress and tension will keep one relaxed so one can concentrate more on the task at hand. Avoiding last minute discussions with friends is a good idea; nobody wants to get confused so late. ‘Eat well, sleep well and perform well’ is a mantra for sure success.
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