Intensive Coaching Class for CAT 2012 starts June 30, 2012

2IIM's Intensive classroom course for CAT equips you to be better prepared for facing the exacting testing standards of CAT, the Common Admission Test to some of the best B-Schools in India which includes the IIMs. Our MBA Entrance coaching classes for CAT are conducted in Chennai, Mumbai and Bengaluru.Our CAT training program is highly effective. Year after year, many of our classroom students join top 12 premier management institutes in India that include IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta, IIM Lucknow.This intensive course for the CAT is aimed at those who are very serious about cracking CAT 2012. The program is exacting and is aimed at increasing your chances of success in CAT.

CAT Course Schedule and Details
Registrations for the Intensive CAT 2012 Batches starting on June 30, July 1st and July 2nd are on.

A weekend batch starts on June 30, 2012 at Anna Nagar. Classes on Saturday evenings 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM and Sunday mornings 9 AM to 11 AM. The class duration will increase to 3 hours each session, i.e., 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM on Saturdays and 9 AM to Noon on Sundays after the first 4 weeks. Call 99626 48484 or 93800 48484 to sign up.

A Sunday only weekend batch starts on July 1, 2012 at Mylapore. Classes on Sunday afternoons from 1 PM to 7 PM. Call 99626 48484 or 91766 38484 to sign up.

A weekday batch starts on July 2, 2012 at Velachery and has its classes scheduled early in the mornings from 6:30 AM to 8:30 AM on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Call 99626 48484 or 91766 28484 to sign up.

Drop in or call us to register for the batch.

Rs. 14,900 (Rupees Fourteen Thousand Nine Hundred only).

Advantages of joining 2IIM

Smaller batch size and dedicated tutors will provide personal attention that enhances learning. Batch size does not exceed 20 students to ensure that you get personal attention.
Tutors are B School graduates from top B Schools in India including the IIMs. The Program Director and Quant Tutor is a 100 percentiler in CAT and an IIM Bangalore graduate. One of the core quant faculty members is an IIM Calcutta graduate.
Updated courseware to supplement the classroom sessions. Courseware prepared by IIM graduates.
Results: Our students have secured 99.9% in the CAT and have secured admissions to IIM Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta and other leading Business Schools in the country.

CAT Course Training Methodology and Course Structure
The course curriculum of our CAT coaching class starts right from the basics, be it Math (Quant) or English (Verbal). The level of competency expected in CAT is proficiency in Class 10 Math and first year graduation English. Though CAT tests your competency in basic Math and English, the proficiency expected is very high. Factoring this characteristic of CAT, our classes start right from the basics to ensure that your fundamentals are really strong. Subsequently, emphasis is placed on building speed while maintaining accuracy.

1, 2, 3s...
2IIM's CAT course believes in leaving no stone unturned. For instance, our classes in the quantitative reasoning section start right from "Number Systems" and guide you through all the relevant topics including geometry, permutation combination and probability. Over 25 different topics will be covered as part of these math sessions.

The concept classes, in addition to strengthening your fundamentals in different Math topics, will also focus on tougher math questions and teach you shortcuts for many of the oft repeated CAT questions.

A, B, Cs...
Familiarity breeds complacence. Most of us think we are comfortable with the English language. We speak, read and write in English. However, seldom have we adhered to the rules of English grammar, thanks to our daily "lingo." Our English classroom refreshes these basic rules and teaches techniques to answer CAT type Verbal and Comprehension questions.

Verbal ability and reasoning classes include Sentence Correction, Paragraph Jumbling, Vocabulary, Reading comprehension and Sentence Completion modules.

Practice makes perfection - Tests, tests &, tests....
Clearing the Common Admission Test (CAT), is not about knowing everything. In fact, hardly anyone attempts all of the 60 to 75 questions during the two and half hours. The key difference between those who clear CAT and those who do not lies in not how much one knows, but in being able to identify the right kind of questions and to solve them as quickly as possible.

Our CAT coaching program includes

Speed Tests that are designed to help you consolidate concepts learnt in class across the different areas, viz., Mathematics (there is a speed test for most of the important Quantitative Reasoning topics), Sentence Correction, Paragraph Jumbling, Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation (DI) and Data Sufficiency.
10 Full Length CAT Comprehensive Tests that will be administered in the classroom. Some of these tests will be analysed in the class. Detailed explanatory answers have been provided for these tests. These tests are representative of past CAT papers.
10 Full length CAT Prep Tests will be provided to you as take home tests when you sign up for the course in addition to the 10 CAT Comprehensive Tests administered in the classroom. Detailed explanatory answers are provided for each of these tests. These tests will provide you additional practice to help you gain speed and master strategies.
You will be provided with a login id and password to take 10 full length Computer Based Online Mock CATs in September 2012. These tests have comprehensive explanatory answers to all the questions and analysis of your performance in comparison to all students who have taken the online test in the year.

Periodic individual counseling and group counseling on test taking strategies will be held to assist you achieve your goal.

CAT Study Material
2IIM's CAT Study material covering all sections tested in the CAT will be provided. The study material has been prepared by the core faculty comprising graduates from the IIMs. The study material is constantly updated to reflect recent changes to CAT. CAT Course Material

GD-PI Training
The intensive contact CAT training program includes a 4 week intensive weekend training for GD and PI which will commence in January 2012. 100% of our students who got GDPI calls in CAT 04, CAT 05 and CAT 07 from the IIMs converted their GDPI calls into IIM admissions. CAT GDPI Training Classes

How to Enrol?
Drop into our office at
14-B/1, Dr.Thirumurthy Nagar 1st Street
Chennai - 600 034, India.

Or call us at (+91-44) 3912 4040 or 4500 8484
Mobile : 99626 48484

Our Learning Center at Anna Nagar is located at
2IIM - CAT Preparation
Ascent Education
Shop 5/1, II Floor, AD-2
II Avenue Main Road (Opposite to Hi Style Showroom)
Anna Nagar (West), Chennai - 600 040

Phone: +91 - 44 - 4269 3565
Mobile : 93800 48484

Our Learning Center at Mylapore is located at
2IIM - CAT Preparation
Ascent Education
I floor, New 237, Kutchery Road (Opposite to Witco Showroom)
Luz Corner, Mylapore. Chennai 600 004.

Phone: +91-44-4501 2141
Mobile : 91766 38484

Our Learning Center at Velachery is located at
2IIM - CAT Preparation
Ascent Education
II floor, Kanya West Wing
48/1 Velachery Taramani 100 ft Link Road
Ramagiri Nagar, Velachery
Chennai 600 042.

Phone: +91-44-2243 3200
Mobile : 91766 28484

Landmark : Opposite to TCS Velachery; above Benetton and Levis Showrooms.

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